Heike Phelan has worked in tourism all her working life. As a coach driver and tour operator, she has worked with incoming tourists of many different nationalities, driving and managing tours across the UK, Ireland and Europe.
As a result of someone close to her incarcerated in the Texas prison system, she has witnessed the atrocities, the violence and the cover-ups that are commonplace within the prisons under the management of Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). As a result, she was inspired to write about the real life happenings behind the very secretive walls of a Texas state prison, as experienced by the books main character William.
Written as novels to avoid any type of legal action from TDCJ, the events in the Convict series of books are nevertheless based on real events. The neglect , the corruption, the institutional violence is very real and needs exposing in order for the public to see and understand what is happening behind the walls. TDCJ vetted the books in hopes of banning them from their facilities, however the author was careful not to include anything that would allow them to do so.
Having grown up in West Yorkshire, Heike now lives in the Republic of Ireland