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New Year's Resolutions - to make them or not!

I haven't.

March 12th 2020 when Ireland went into the first Covid lock-down I was temporarily laid off work (my day job). With no idea of when I would be able to work again, I made three decisions...

  1. Write book 3 in my Convict series - Convict Code was released on 18th December 2020.

  2. Start walking again to lose some weight, a couple of stones to ease the joints seemed reasonable - 10 stone (140 lbs) weight loss in 9 months (so far) and I'm delighted.

  3. Catch up on my own reading - I have been re-reading all my favourite authors, and listening to the Audible versions of others.

The Covid-19 furlough and lockdowns have worked in my favour as far as personal achievements are concerned. I couldn't have managed any of them in the time-frame had I been working my day job.

2020 has gone and 2021 is going to bring new challenges before we get back to any type of normality. There is still no indication when I can return to my day job, so I will continue to write and start on a new book


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